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28 сентября

"A few months seem like a whole lifetime”



"A few months seem like a whole lifetime”

It’s not a secret that reminiscences about the leaving summer can warm our hearts not less than the summer sun itself. The laureates of the TV children’s talent competition «Formula of Success» share their recollections of the holidays.  

Vanya Kosheev, 16 years, the laureate of «Formula of Success» competition in “Special piano” (the 2nd season): “This summer was very unusual for me. Unexpectedly I found myself entered the State Musical College named after the Gnessins. It’s not just a plain college, it’s something sacred, absolutely unreal. I was glad to meet very important and professional people there. College students are really genius, they are talented and intelligent. June was a tense time – I took exams. In July I had a rest at my mother’s place and August I spent at home, devoting myself to music. That’s my summer!”  


Maiya Drozdova, 15 years, the laureate of «Formula of Success» competition in “Fine arts” (the 2nd season): “ This summer I had very memorable and funny experience of painting “en plein air” in Khokhlovka. We painted every day under the burning Sun! It was so hot that we took big bottles of water to wet ourselves and to splash it on the passers-by. Some of them laughed and had fun with us, others were very angry.

After the painting we decided to go for a walk in the outskirts to observe the ancient Russian architecture. We ran a lot, took pictures and played leap-frog in the big open field full of lupines. It was such fun!“


Julia Popova, 15 years, the laureate of «Formula of Success» competition in “Bowed string instruments” (the 2nd season): “My friends Vasilisa Nelubina, Natasha Kojanova and I went to the Art Department in the Central Music School together with our teacher Tatiyana Arkadievna Shvecova. Devoted tutors worked with us at school and the whole educational process ended with the concert in which we participated.

Along with that, we were in a class that was taught by Alexander Veniaminovich Revich. The project was called “Union state to young talents of the 21st century”. This international Russian-Belorussian project was held not for the first time. I like that we were welcomed with warmth and care and teachers patiently corrected all of our drawbacks. Though the trip lasted only for a week and it was just a tiny piece of the summer holidays, I will remember it for a long time.”


Sasha Legotkina, 15 years, the laureate of «Formula of Success» competition in “Fine arts (the 2nd season): “This summer was rather eventful. The first summer month – June - I spent at the best camp in the world: “Sea-gull. The rainbow of creativity.” I shared one room with the girls from the art school, and soon it was called “the room of artists”. The principal charged us with the important task of painting the walls in the main club’s hall and the front wall in the ground where we had a camp line every morning.

In July I attended The English school at Perm State University, where one of the days was devoted to art and we were supposed to sculpture from loam and paint. Our timetable included a special master-class given by the professional, and I was pleased to know that our teacher of ceramics Elena Mystafaevna was invited as this very special guest.

The two more weeks in July my parents and I spent resting in Turkey, delighting the sea. The hotel we stayed at was pretty fine and the rooms were cleaned every 2 days. Once it occurred to us to draw a picture as a present to our maid and leave it with the tips on the bed. I had been painting the pictures all the time before our parting, and now the maid keeps them as souvenirs.

In August my friend and I took part in the performance in honor of our country cooperative society’s birthday, where we sang, danced and painted ties for “locusts” and “weeds”.


Polina Vedmetskaya, 12 years, the laureate of «Formula of Success» competition in “Bowed string instruments” (the 1st and the 2nd seasons), the Grand Prize winner: “The main event of this summer is my sister’s wedding. It was the nicest holiday I had ever seen, all our big family were gathered together!”


Breaking the prejudices, the guys proved that summer is not time for laziness! Every season of our life can be decisive, and it is up to us what it will be like. Autumn has already come and the fourth season of TV children’s talent competition «Formula of Success» has made a new start.

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